Hello Lovelies!

I recently purchased Kim Kardashian's newest fragrance.  It's definitely not a fragrance I would usually go for, my favourites being Miss Dior, Coco Mademoiselle and Daisy au so Fresh; but I was definitely intrigued by this one.  It's a more sophisticated scent compared to my usual girly ones.

When first applied you can smell all of the fruity elements, which I love as it's refreshing!  And then it settles into the rich chocolate floral scent - it smells very classy and luxurious.  I would also say that this is more of an evening scent!

Kim Kardashian True Reflection - 50ml £30.00

I also got a free rollerball of Kims first fragrance which I'd never smelled before but it's really lovely too!  It's very sweet, it smells slightly like parma violets.  If you haven't smelled either of these I recommend you do, you just might find a favourite!