Hey lovelies!

About 4 months ago I seen the most beautiful bracelets worn by a few of the girls I watch on YouTube. When I went to check them out for myself I was so surprised to see all of the beautiful colours that were available.

Mae Movement is run by a mother and daughter duo and they sell these bracelets on behalf of women in Nepal, as a way to improve and benefit their lives.  So it's almost a donation really which kind of makes you feel less guilty about buying something for yourself! You can read more about them here.

I ordered three matching bracelets but I'm sure that you can select any colours you like.  I chose Rose Gold because I'm absolutely obsessed with it! Definitely my favourite, although I love so many of the colours that they do.

They also ship international so you'll get them anywhere, but since they come from America they do take quite a while to get to you, and also, Rose Gold was on back order so I had to wait a bit longer but it was totally and completely worth it.  They're beautiful!  My mum even bought me a rose gold watch to wear with them until I get my Michael Kors one for my 21st!

3 Mae Movement Bracelets - $35.00

So please, please check these out if you can, I highly recommend them for adding something unique to your jewellery collection - because you can't just buy them from the highstreet! This is the website here Mae Movement.

Love Rebekah