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Twitter it seems is a very powerful tool, especially in terms of companies striving to make a good impression, get more followers and ultimately gain loyal customers.  I however have (not so) recently had a bad experience with Feel Unique.  I've been a customer of theirs for over a year now, always buying my Xen-Tan and other bits and bobs from them.  So not so surprisingly I followed them on twitter.  Feel Unique frequently - sometimes daily - has RT competitions to win a product.  I don't always enter these sorts of competitions (unless it's something I really want ha!) because I never win anything - and I'm usually not bothered about it.  Back in May (10th to be exact), I RT'd to win a Philip Kingsley Texturiser.  My hair was at an annoying inbetween lengths and inbetween cuts stage so I thought that could be something great to help me do something with my hair; if I was lucky enough to win it of course, and I definitely didn't expect to.

Low and behold I was one of 5 winners, I was actually really excited about it because I never win a thing; save for the hideous vase I won at a raffle bingo on a caravan holiday when I was about 6 years old.  I sent off my address details and waited.  And waited.  It wasn't until I tweeted on the 31st of May that I was wondering if the other winners had received their prize yet that I received another DM from Feel Unique.  They told me that their had been an issue with the address I sent them and to send it again with the missing piece of information.  So I did.  And then I waited some more.  I should probably point out here that the issue I have with this situation is not the item, I could care less about Philip Kingsley products at this point.  It's the disregard of following through with something you say you're going to do - and the subsequent cheekiness and unprofessionalism that followed.

I private messaged again on the 16th of June (I still have all of the messages) asking very politely if they'd sent it out yet, as I had still not received it over a month later.  I did not get a reply.  I almost forgot about it to be very honest, until I publicly tweeted about it again on the 2nd of July.  I got a cheeky DM reply stating that I had not sent my address again, and they couldn't send it without this missing piece of information.  I lost my rag at this point.  I told them in no uncertain terms that I had sent the reply with the correct and full information on the 31st of May and had messaged them on the 16th of June asking about it.  I know and so do most of you that the DM system is not always full proof with Twitter, sometimes you miss a message and it takes you a few days to get to the message - but you still get it.  I was told again that it would be sent after they had contacted Philip Kingsley (? not really sure why they would need to do this seeing as it was their competition).  Again I waited for nothing to show up in the post.  Then today, after seeing them tweeting about other competitions and congratulating winners of one I thought, surely I should write a post about this, seeing as it's likely some of the winners of their frequent competitions would remain empty-handed.  I tweeted about it, only intending fellow bloggers to take notice of the tweet as Feel Unique have so blissfully ignored me on other occasions.  But with the imminent, I suppose you could say threat, of bad press they were straight on the keys professing apologies and promising 'they'd look into the situation' and with a little helpful hint from me to check their DMs, I was told yet again that it would be sent out to me this weekend.  Well lets just say Feel Unique, that I won't be holding my breath (lest I die waiting).  Regardless if they thought they had 'smoothed' the situation over, I still took the time to write this post.  I can safely say that I wont be buying from this second rate service company again!  Especially when others have such excellent service (see future post on The Pretty Dress Company!).