Hey Lovelies!

Aaages ago I decided that I ought to try some of the MAC lipglosses because, they were just about the only product of theirs I'd never tried.  I'm not big on lipglosses anyway, but I'm trying to get into them more.  I've decided that I probably like lipstick more because Scotland is so windy all of the time, and it saves from getting hair stuck to you lips!

Anyway, I decided on a dazzleglass because I just thought it looked so beautiful in the tube.  I chose Bare Necessity, which is described as an 'apricot colour with red and gold pearl'.  It looks quite orange in the tube but after swatching it it's a lot more sheer, which I like, as I wasn't looking for orange glittery lips!  The glitter in this is gold, so it gives warmth to the colour which is lovely!
MAC Dazzleglass - £17.00

There is very little pigmentation, but as it's nude that's what I was looking for.  It's not overly glittery if you put on a thin layer, but of course it can be applied thickly if it's a more glittery lip you're looking for.  I think it's a really pretty product, but it's very sticky.  So if you don't like overly sticky lipglosses this wont be for you.  To be honest I don't really mind, because if something looks nice I tend to persevere with the negatives.  Like, I'll wear excruciatingly painful but gorgeous high heels!

I think if I get another one the next one would be Roman Holiday, it looks beautiful!
Have you ever tried any of the MAC Dazzleglasses? Any favourite shades?