Hello Lovelies!

This is part two of my recent shopping trip, featuring the makeup and skincare I bought!

Firstly I knew I needed a new moisturiser as the one I had only has 1-2 uses left.  So I decided to buy an origins one because I have and love their Ginzing eye cream.  I decided to go for the Dr Weil Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief.  My skin is a very annoying combination if I'm being honest.  It's really oily in places, and really dry in places, I break out easily and it takes FOREVER for red marks and sensitive spots to clear up.  So this seemed like the perfect option as it's soothing to irritated skin and very moisturising.  The only thing is, it's really expensive, so it better be worth it or I wont be a happy lady!
 £46.00 - 50ml

Then I went to Chanel, and went a bit crazy!

The first thing I got was the Vita Lumiere Aqua in B20 - Beige Tendre.  I was colour matched at the counter and got it applied! I'm still wearing it now and it still looks amazing and feels amazing - looking forward to using it - although I will probably be keeping it for special occasions! and I will be doing a proper in depth review after using it for a while.
£32.00 - 30ml

I then got one of the pot eyeshadows, it's kind of a cross between a cream and a mouse - it's difficult to explain unless you feel them for yourself!  I got the colour 82 - Emerveille.  It's kind of a rose gold colour, so how could I resist?! It comes with a little Chanel brush too, so that'll be interesting to try and use.  I will also let you know how I get on with that!
Top Photo: without flash
Bottom Photo: with flash
Illusion D'Ombre - £23.00

I got a Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in 54 - Boy.  It's a beautiful colour. One of those 'your lips, but better' ones.  I love this, I've wanted it for ages!

And I got a little freebie moisturiser! I'll probably use it up because it's Chanel, but it's wayyy too small to do a review on, so I wont even kid anyone on and try it!

And finally! I nipped into Superdrug to pick up some.....lady necessities, and I seen this and thought I had to try it.  On the package it says it's for body, but it was with the hair care stuff, so I read the back and it can be used for hair and body! I'll be using it for my hair.  I got caramel highlights through the ends of my hair a while ago and it had to be bleached to get the colour to take - so that combined with heat styling has made the ends very dry.  I'll let you know if it works :)
Coconut Oil - £1.99

So that's that! And on a final note, I'm not allowing myself to buy ANYTHING else, clothes or makeup/skincare until the 17th of August.  That may seem like a random date, but it's the very last day that I'll be in university, handing in my placement documents - so it means something to me!  If you see me on twitter talking about going shopping, please shout at me! thanks!

Love Rebekah