Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to do a quick post on this blush, because I've featured it in a couple of my 'What I'm Wearing', 'FOTD' and 'MOTD' posts.  I'll start off with the bad news, this colour is discontinued - basically because I've had it for about 4 years + (this product being my first EVER high end beauty purchase).  However, it looks almost identical to Rose Ecrin from the current line of Joues Contraste blushes.
Signature Chanel Packaging

Most of you will probably be thinking that it's gross that I still have this and surely it must be due for the bin.  But it's still as perfect as the day I got it.  It hasn't turned a funny colour and the smell hasn't changed, and most importantly it doesn't affect my skin when I use it.  Also, considering these blushes now retail for £31.00 it would be pretty ridiculous to get rid of it at this point.  I'm positive that I didn't buy it in the first place for that price but I have no idea what I did pay for it!

It's the most beautiful dusty rose colour, which gives a really natural flush to the cheeks.  It has no shimmer in it which I find makes this very suitable for natural looking makeup.  This is one of my favourite blushes I own, and I was happy to rediscover it recently as it had definitely been getting neglected.
Without Flash
With Flash

I would recommend a similar blush like this for anyone.  It has a real classic feel, due to the petal pink colour, so I think it is one of those timeless blushes, that will never ever go out of style.