Hello Lovelies!

Another Essie nail varnish for you guys!  Been really loving Essie since it became available in Boots in the UK and this is my 4th colour!  I had intended to buy a full on pink or red from Essie, but when I got there I was holding Fifth Avenue in one hand (which is a beautiful red colour) and Watermelon in the other (a gorgeous purple toned deep pink) and I couldn't decide between them.  But then I didn't have to!  I seen this one out of the corner of my eye and was immediately drawn to it.  While I do love bright nail varnish, I have been more attracted to neutrals lately.  I already own a beige toned nude, but I loved this because it's a pink toned nude.  It just really polishes up your nails and makes them look neat and clean which I love!  I would say however that it is slightly more pink than what the camera has picked up, but I did try several photos in different lighting and this was as close as I could possibly get it.  Absolutely love it!!

Available from Boots for £7.99