Hello Lovelies!

A few posts back when I reviewed the Estee Lauder moisturiser here, I mentioned that I got a gift with purchase a little while ago that had pretty decent sized testers in it; the cleanser was 30ml.  I've completely used up the moisturiser and now the cleanser so I thought I'd give my views on the product.

Firstly, I love the look and smell of the cleanser.  It almost looks shimmery, but there is definitely no glitter flakes in it, it is not in any way, shape or form an exfoliator.  And it has a very fresh clean scent, which isn't overpowering.  Fresh smells are always good when you're cleaning and refreshing your skin, as I'm not a fan of overly floral scents in face washes.

A little bit really goes a long way too, which is why I think it lasted me so long.  And don't underestimate the 'foaming' part of the description of this product - use any more than a 10p size for your whole face and you'll be able to make a foam Santa beard, like you did in a bubble bath when you were little (don't deny it, I know you did it too!).

It also says 'Perfectly Clean' in the name which I find to be an accurate description.  It leaves zero residue on the skin and removes any trace of oil, leaving your skin feeling perfectly clarified.  However, I found it also didn't leave any moisture in my skin, and my skin felt tight after using it.  It was easily sorted with some moisturiser, but I'm aware that some people would find this to be a negative.  I'll be honest and say it didn't bother me too much!  However, as it claims to 'lightly hydrate' in the product description it would appear that it isn't meeting this claim.  But it leaves a velvety texture to the skin which could be mistaken as hydrating, but the skin still feels tight, so be aware that these are two different things!

The thing that I didn't like most about this cleanser was that it stung really badly if I got any in my eyes.  So it's not a cleanser that could be used to remove any left-over eye makeup which is a bit of a bummer.  I'm sure that this is due to the products ingredients.  There isn't list of ingredients on the tester sized product or online, and I'm only assuming that it would be on the full sized product as I haven't actually went and checked it in-store to see if it does.  My thoughts are that the stinging combined with the tight feeling it leaves that it probably contains alcohol, which is definitely not good for the skin.  Although I can't confirm if that is the ingredient causing the problems.

Would I buy it?  I don't think so, as the cleanser I'm using now is better, and it's cheaper!  This product retails for £21.00 for 125ml, so it isn't horribly priced considering it is Estee Lauder and a lot of their other products retail for more than that, but considering it doesn't really achieve what it claims to, it could probably do with being a bit cheaper.

So overall I'm not in love with this product, if you love a completely clarifying cleanser then you may like this, but I think I'll stick with some thing else for the time being!