When I was getting ready to go on holiday I realised that I didn't really have any individually packaged blushes - because most of the ones I use are from my MAC palette.  So I had looked at some when I was in duty free, but none of the high-end ones really truly caught my eye.  And on my list of things to try were the NYX blushes.  I already own two of their mega-shine lipglosses and a jumbo eye pencil, all of which are amazing quality, and I'd heard really good things about their blushes.  I'm definitely not disappointed with the ones I chose!

The three colours I chose are Terracotta (on the recommendation from Essiebutton's favourite Autumn Blushes), Spice and Taupe.  I plan to use taupe as a contour.  I usually use my Chanel Soleil de Tan or Benefit Hoola bronzer as contour - but I don't really like to use bronzer in Winter, because I think it just looks really unnatural. 

Without Flash
With Flash

Terracotta has a gorgeous shimmer through it, but I like that it's not massive glitter particles.  I think shimmery cheeks look better in Autumn and Winter, because you're less likely to get caught by the sun and look like a disco ball!  Spice is a gorgeous warm purple toned pink, which I think will give a gorgeous "bitten by a cold wind" cheek look which is big this season.  And Taupe definitely isn't orange or bronze toned, so this will allow me to achieve a subtle and natural looking contour.  I honestly cannot wait to use these!

The packaging is lovely, plain black sturdy plastic, with a clear lid so you can see the colours.  They're quite small too so good if you are going to use them for travel, or if you don't have much space in your makeup bag.

I bought them from the NYX UK website, and they only cost me £5.50 each! A total bargain for such gorgeous and super pigmented blushes.

Do you have any favourite NYX Blush Shades?