Hello Lovelies!

A few times I've mentioned this lovely lady Miss Glamorazzi to you guys, and she is definitely one of my favourite beauty youtubers and vloggers - you should check out her channel here if you haven't watched her before!  She's literally one of the sweetest girls on youtube and I love to watch her videos!

Any way around a month ago she started a new series on her channel Glam It Yourself, and this was from the first video in that series.  Basically she shows you how to take old glass candle containers and turn them into cute, stylish storage for your make-up brushes - or anything else that you feel like!

I just wanted to show the ones that I have made so far and what I store in them.  I didn't really make any alterations to her instructions other than adding in an extra step.  I applied another layer of the glue AFTER the glitter had set and dried to act as a seal so that none of the glitter would rub off on to any of my stuff.  I chose to use rose gold glitter because I love rose gold and it matched my bedroom.  I got the glue and the glitter from ebay.

The smallest one is an old Ikea Tindra Candle.
In this one I store my high end lip products

The medium sized one is an old Yankee Housewarmer Medium Candle.
I store all of my MAC lipsticks and two MAC lipglosses in here.

The large one is also an old Yankee Housewarmer - just the large size!
In this one I have some of my most used Nail Varnish - I currently have 4 Chanel ones and 4 Essie ones in there.

This is where they sit on my little dressing table/shelf in my room