Hello Lovelies,

The other day I made this little snack for my lunch and put the photo on instagram, and it seemed to be quite popular.  It's really, really easy to make so I thought I'd share what I done!  I'm going to define the calories as Weight Watchers points as that's the diet I followed (and am now following again after a couple of months break).

You can use any bread you have, but we have the 50/50 bread in my house - my dad likes white (although really he'll eat anything) and we all like brown so it's a compromise!  And I just popped it on the George Foreman grill to toast the underneath side to make it like a pizza base.  And that comes to 4 points.

Then I used tomato puree - which doesn't start to count as many calories unless you use half a tube.  I spread a thin layer all over both slices.  0 points! (score).

I had a little bit of extra light mozzarella in the fridge as I'd made a tricoloure salad a couple of days ago.  So I used 30g and cut it up and placed it on the bread.  An alternative to this which I use a lot when making low calorie lunches (like sandwiches or toasties) I use a light babybel cut up as it is only one point - and I still get my cheese fix!  The mozzarella I used was also, 1 point.

I then cut up two cherry tomatoes and ripped up some trio leaf lettuce to add some extra colour and flavour (ideally I'd have liked to use rocket, but I didn't have any in the house and this still worked well). 0 points.

And finally I drizzled the smallest amount of olive oil over everything to help bring out the flavours, and as it was so little it was also 0 points.

To help the cheese melt I held the lid of the grill over it, not letting it touch so it didn't stick, just to let heat from both sides make it a little quicker.  It probably took about 10 minutes total to make and tasted delicious.  I threw a little bit of salad on the side too, just to make it a little bit more food! And all in all it was only 5 Weight Watchers points, and considering you get 26 for a day that leaves a lot for other things which is great!

Hope you liked this post, as it's a bit random!