Hello Lovelies!

A few months ago now, I bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.  I'd read and heard a lot about it before parting with my money as it does have a hefty price tag.  I bought the 30ml, which you can buy for £44.00 (the 50ml is £58.00!), and it has lasted me absolutely ages!  So that's the bonus, that comes with parting with all that money, it'll be a while before you need to part with it again, because by god you'll want to!

I was slightly sceptical about this product, as it claimed to repair and improve blemishes and pigmentation.  And being someone that has suffered from that for many years, I was starting to think that I'd be stuck with my skin like that.  But this truly is a miracle product for me.  A lot of pigmentation that I have had for years is gone, and newer pigmentation scars improve so quickly.  I've noticed that my spots are healing a lot quicker too, although I would definitely not say that this stops them coming.  So don't expect to never have spots again if you use it - it only 'repairs' them.

30ml - £44.00

I'm kind of on the fence about it being worth the money.  Because it works so well but it's just so expensive, and it can be a bit upsetting paying that much money all at once for one product.  And being that it's such a popular product you'd think Estee Lauder would still get plenty of profit if it was a little cheaper.

Although, saying all of that when mine runs out I'll be getting the 50ml, because it is actually more value for money, and it will last longer anyway.  I've had mine since around April/May and I've still got just over 1/4 of product left.  So it does last ages.  I'm sure lovers of this sympathise with my internal struggle of love for the product and hate of the price.

As I said I would buy this again because I love it, but I would say you need to really think carefully about whether your skin is problem enough to see any benefit from this.  If your skin is already flawless, I see this being a big fat waste of money, so don't bother!