Hello Lovelies!

A couple of weeks ago I was in Glasgow, and I went to have a look at the Dior counter, because I love their makeup but never actually owned any.  I was speaking to one of the girls who works on the counter about how much I love their very famous highlighters, Rose Diamond and Amber Diamond.  I was pretty gutted when she told me they were all sold out and weren't getting them back in as they were going to discontinue them, and then re-launch Amber Diamond, possibly under a different name and design - but this means that the time to get your hands on Rose Diamond is limited because once it's gone, it's gone!  I hope she's wrong, but, anyways!

I went home and scoured the internet to try and find places where it was still in stock, and at the moment they are still both in stock at John Lewis online and Selfridges online (not sure about in store).  I ended up ordering from Selfridges as they had the lipstick I wanted too (John Lewis didn't), so I thought it was a better idea to get them both from the same place.

I decided on Amber Diamond for the highlighter.  Even though this is coming back out at some point, I just gravitated towards this one, I was a bit worried that Pink Diamond wouldn't go well with my complexion.  But if it gets to next month and I've got a bit of spare money and it's still available somewhere I might get it.

Dior Amber Diamond - £32.00

I honestly think this is the nicest powder highlighter I've ever used.  I have only used it twice so I'm going to give myself the opportunity to play around with it and get used to it, applying it with different brushes etc, before I do a review and swatch post.  I think this is going to be really handy when I go on holiday in October with my Grandparents, because I could use it as eyeshadows too!

I also bought a Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick in 553 Sillage, which is a beautiful deep warm pink.  It gives a decent amount of colour as its from the Nude range I thought it would be more sheer, but it's beautiful.  I have been looking for my "signature" lip colour for a while now, and I think I've found it in this (is it weird that my signature fragrance is also Dior? I think there's a trend here somewhere!). I will do a proper review of this in a future post too!

Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick - 553 Sillage - £25.00

I hope you like these as much as I do!