Hello Lovelies!

This is my second Xen-Tan post, my first which you can read here - which is all about the Deep Bronze Luxe.  I completely used two of the Deep Bronze Luxe tubes before I decided to try a different type.  As this is from the dark colour range as opposed to Deep Bronze Luxe which is from the medium colour range.

I have been using the Dark Lotion consistently throughout the summer to give me that bronzed goddess, just back from a holiday in the sun kind of look as, Deep Bronze Luxe is a more subtle colour (although on me the difference looks drastic due to my skin being white as snow!).

I have really loved using this tan and am halfway through my second bottle.  As soon as the first was finished I repurchased it because I loved it so much!  This one smells different to the first kind as this contains jojoba nut oils *be aware of this if you have allergies to nuts, although Jojoba isn't proven to have allergen qualities in topical form, but you might want to be extra careful!*, so it reminds me of Marzipan, which is nice although I don't like the taste of marzipan so I don't want to eat myself when I use this one.  Which is probably better because I came close to putting the Deep Bronze Luxe on ice-cream!

Again this one has built in moisturisers so it doesn't dry your skin out which I love, as I'm a lazy body moisturiser-er, I hate doing it!  Also I find due to it not drying my skin out it fades so much nicer, without making me look patchy.  It really doesn't require too much maintenance which suits me, as some tans can be a nightmare.  I can put this on once a week and maintain my lovely glow.

(L-R) Natural Skin with Flash: One Layer With Flash: One Layer No Flash.

I also find this one a little easier to use than the Deep Bronze Luxe due to the bottle design.  It has a little pump, so you don't get yourself into much bother when you need to apply more to your mitt.  This tan also has a thinner formula than Deep Bronze Luxe so I find it much quicker to apply as you can just slap it on and get to bed.   Although don't get me wrong the luxuriousness of Deep Bronze Luxe is amazing.

I applied two layers of this over two nights for my friends birthday as I was wearing red (2 posts ago!), which washes me out due to having dark hair too.  And I thought it looked lovely. The deep olive tones which it has (instead of bronzers) makes it look much richer and more real.  I have been asked a few times on nights out wearing this if I'm part Italian or Spanish, so it really is amazing!

I will continue to wear this tan for years to come! I feel that for me personally it is more of a summer season tanning product due to the colour it gives.  So I have two favourite Xen-Tan's to do me every season!  Although I might need to go for one from the Light range for winter - as I don't want to look too unnatural but I don't think I can brave my own pasty skin!