When looking for a highstreet/drugstore foundation a while ago, I noticed that the beauty blogger world was loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Serum.  I knew that the formulas were different but, I wasn't sure what would be best for my skin - especially as I'd read several reviews that disputed which was which for skin types.  But having tried and tested them both, my conclusion is that - it depends on the skin care and/or primer you use before you apply the foundation that affects which suits you.  However, overall my preference out of both of these is the Healthy Mix Foundation.

Healthy Mix Serum - £10.99
Healthy Mix Foundation - £9.99

I have combination/oily skin, so in theory the Serum formula should work for my skin, because it isn't a "moisturising" foundation like the Healthy Mix Foundation claims to be.  The Serum has a gel formula which is supposed to help create an even base.  I didn't really find that it gives a flawless finish unless you work at it for ages - so I definitely can't use it if I'm in a hurry.  If I didn't use a primer, the Serum takes a lot more blending and it takes longer to settle into the skin.  I tried applying it with different brushes and even my hands, but I just ended up looking streaky and patchy, then giving up because I can't bear foundations that need that much work.  Although, once it eventually does settle my skin looks really even, awake and not caked in makeup.  But it doesn't last either!  This one also requires more maintenance throughout the day.  If my T-zone gets oily, it's like the serum foundation lifts away from my skin and slides around on top of the oil - rather than the oil coming through the foundation and it can either be powdered or blotted away, which is incredibly annoying.  But I think if you have normal/dry skin and use a decent moisturiser beforehand this could be perfect.  And if you don't plan on wearing it for long periods of time it looks good too.

Healthy Mix Serum looks immediately a lot drier in consistency and finish compared to the Healthy Mix Foundation.

But the winner for me is definitely the Healthy Mix Foundation.  And as you'll be able to see from the first  photo I've used a lot more of this than the other one.  The design of this bottle over the serum is also a winner for me - because the inside moves up you can see exactly how much you have left, and there wont be any wastage.  The Foundation is "supposed" to be for normal/dry skin types and I can see why this would be the case.  This one is intended to moisturise the skin, so the assumption is that it's not for oily skin.  But if you have oily skin and you use the correct skin care to combat that, it's important to remember that you can't just remove the oil, you also have to moisturise, because oil and moisture are completely different.  I do have oily skin, but it is a lot of the time very dehydrated, so using moisturisers and moisturising foundations doesn't irritate the oiliness.  This Foundation works much better with the skin, and this is probably due to the moisturising quality - it absorbs and settles to the skin a lot faster and it blends a lot easier too.  This one smells a lot better too, although they both claim to have the same fruit antioxidant ingredients, the Serum smells very artificial and almost plasticy.  Whereas the Foundation just smells fresh and fruity and gorgeous!  This foundation doesn't move either like the serum does.  ALTHOUGH it definitely doesn't last 16 hours!  Maybe about 8-10 hours, but after that on my skin it's gone.  It lasts better than the serum does though so it is better.

In all honesty I don't see the necessity for Bourjois to have the serum formula, because the foundation is superior any way.  They both are equally radiance boosting in my opinion, but in all other areas the foundation wins!