I'm a lover of false eyelashes.  But, I've always been drawn to the ones that are quite natural and just enhance my own eyelashes.  When Millie MacKintosh launched her range of lashes, I was so excited, because every single one of them is gorgeous.  For my first order I chose two different kinds.  I decided to try Portobello and Camden, they are so different but I love them both!

Portobello - Flirty lashes for the vintage Notting Hill girl.

I love these lashes!  I definitely agree that they are flirty, which I think is due to the wispy quality of the lash.  For me these are also quite subtle, which is also what I like.  They aren't too long or two overpowering.  With some nice eye makeup I think these will be a lovely addition to add something a little bit extra.

 Camden - A funky feel for an alternative kind of girl.

These lashes are so different but they really have a wow factor!  When I wear these it would have to be a subtle eye that's all about the lashes.  They are quite long and full, but I still don't think they look too unnatural.  The lashes I don't like are the double thick eylure ones - I have tried them and just think that it's wayyy too much!

I have also had some trouble with lash glues before.  They have irritated my eyes quite badly so that they ended up watering and ruining all of my makeup! However, with these Millie requested that the glue be latex free (good if you have an allergy to latex), and it has been dermatalogically tested so there should be no irritatition.  I love these lashes and I can't wait to try some of the other ones from the range!