This is one of my favourite face washes/cleansers that I have ever tried.  It's called a face wash but it comes under Origins "Cleansers" category, and I have to agree that it is most definitely more than just your typical face wash.  Checks and Balances is designs especially for combination skin - which is what I have.  Although, before I tried it I wasn't convinced that a cleanser could both "seek out oil, soaks it up and keeps it well-in check" and "balances and protects dry prone zones" as the product description describes.  Rubbish I thought at first!  Every oil controlling product I had ever tried before had burned, completely stripped my skin to the point of peeling or just simply not worked.  But this is honestly amazing!

This is so gentle, which is a surprise because, as I said, most oil removing products are extremely harsh for the skin, and makes it feel sensitised and tight.  With a little spot of water this lathers in to the thickest luxurious foam, and you get the exact results you want in combating combination skin.  My skin feels so refreshed after using it because every trace of oil and dirt is gone, and my dry patches feel lovely, soft and cared for.

Recently I've only been using this once a day, but only because I'm running low and want it to last as long as possible.  I think it is suitable for day and night use, but my favourite time to use it is in the morning.  Who doesn't love refreshed skin in the morning?  I can use this with my Clarisonic Mia too which is great.  My skin feels amazing after I use it with my Clarisonic Mia because that lets the product work much better.

Origins is considered a high end skincare line, and I agree that most of the products are priced really high.  This cleanser is £17.00, and yes, that does seem like a lot for a cleanser.  But do I think it's worth the money? 100%.  It works amazingly for my skin, and I got it about 3/4 months ago and there is still a lot left (I have been trialling other cleansers throughout that time, but I always come back to this because nothing tops it for me!).  I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this again, and as soon as it's done/I have the money to get it, I will be!