Topshop Lips in Wicked is one of two new colours from the "Dark Side Of Nude" collection.  This collection also features another lipstick in the shade "Fawn"; Mascara in "Onyx"; two eyeshadow trios in "Prism" and "Atmosphere" (which I LOVE); and three nail varnishes in "Granite", a beautiful deep grey, "Stardust" a golden glitter and "Panther" a black and silver glitter mix.  This collection is differently packaged from the usual Topshop makeup.  Usually, it's in the white packaging with either black polka dots, or stripes.  But Topshop as stepped up the classiness with this collection, with everything packaged in matte black with shiny black graphic accents.

I never actually seen Wicked in person before I bought it, I got it online.  I was a little bit worried that it was identical to MAC Rebel which I have - but I bought it anyway obviously.  What's a girl to do when she's addicted to lipstick?  But I was happy to see that when I got it, Wicked has more red undertones, compared with Rebel's purplish undertone.  So yay, they're different enough to justify the need for both (unlike some of my other lipsticks!).

It has a velvety texture, which is nice and comfortable to wear on the lips.  I find it wears pretty well before having to be reapplied - discounting eating and drinking of course.  On me it wears down evenly too, so it fades to more of a stain than a strong lip, and if that's what you like then it can work for that too! It's completely on trend for this season of berry lips, and at £9.00 why not add it to your own lipstick collections?