I bought this after getting a recommendation on twitter of what nail varnishes I should have in my life, and when I looked this one up I knew I had to have it.  I've had it for a while, but it just never felt like the right time to wear it.  I don't know about you but red glitter screams "CHRISTMAS" to me.  I tried to wait a little longer honest, but I'm already desperate to put up my pink Christmas tree and it's the beginning of November.  And two posts ago I was rocking a decidedly Christmassy jumper even though I'm telling myself it's suitable for all winter months!  It seems this year I have reverted to being a big kid about Christmas, even though for the last few years I haven't really been excited at all.  Don't really know what's going on but, meh I'll just go with it!

With Flash To Show The Glitteryness!

One tangent later...Nail Varnish! I knew I'd remember what I was supposed to be talking about eventually.  Ruby Pumps, is aptly named in my opinion as it reminds me of the red glittery pumps that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.  Compared to some glitter nail polishes I find this one to be quite subtle too.  Some have gigantic pieces of glitter that end up all over the place with patchy see-through bits, but because this glitter is so finely milled it applies well and evenly over the nail.  I applied two coats for a more intense look, but depending on how thickly you apply nail polish, one could be enough.

I'm not sure how well it comes off because I haven't tried to remove it yet, but I assume that I'll need to do my usual glitter varnish removal technique.  It has lasted well with no chips over the last few days, but I suppose I've never really thought about it...do glitter nail varnishes chip? I can't say I've noticed!