Honey Lust is one of my favourite eyeshadows from MAC (I realise that I say this about pretty much all of my MAC eyeshadows, but honestly, could you part with the money unless you really liked it?).  It's a particular favourite for this time of the year, because it's gorgeously shimmery - perfect for the Christmas/Party Season.

Honey Lust is a Lustre finish, which is notoriously the worst MAC eyeshadow finish for pigmentation payoff, and their eyeshadows in this range can be a bit hit or miss. I have another eyeshadow in this finish which I don't like, because I wanted it to be really pigmented but it sadly is a miss for me - but Honey Lust is definitely a win.  I think that the more classically metal toned colours in this finish are beautiful.  It ends up being a pure shimmer finish, so I really like this for a neutral but shimmery eye, and this can be blended over other colours to give dimension and a luxurious golden shimmered finish.

The photo of this on the MAC website is not true to colour at all.  It looks really brown and murky on the website image, but as you can see, it's actually quite warm and bright with gorgeous dimensional bronze glitter.  It's also described as a 'bronze-dipped peach', and while I can definitely see the bronze tones through the shimmer particles, I'm not as sure about the accuracy of the peach.  It's more like a warm gold with bronze to me.  When I'm doing some party look makeup posts, no doubt this will be in one of them!