It wasn't until last week when my skin was dry, cracking in places and sore, did I remember about this gorgeous moisturiser.  I bought it last winter, when my skin was in exactly the same extremely dry and sore state.  It always happens to me during the winter because of the sub-zero temperatures outside, and the central heating up full blast.  In summer I tend to use lighter moisturisers or skip entirely (I know naughty blogger!) because generally I drink more water in the summer so my skin isn't as much of a problem.  Using this again last week reminded me of how much I love it.  It's formulated for dry skin, so if you're a sufferer of dry skin in the winter - or all year round this could be a product that you'd be interested in.  It's not overly scented either which I quite like, even though it's nice to use scented body products sometimes, they can react with perfumes and make an overall strange scent.  It smells luxurious and clean - if that makes sense? Lovely anyway, so if you're passing a Clarins counter give it a sniff, I'm not the best at describing scents as you can tell!  It absorbs really well, and doesn't leave a residue for long.  But, honestly the best part is that I can use this once and the moisture lasts for about 48 hours, so if you don't have time to constantly apply moisturiser or simply hate the laborious task like me, it's perfect.  To have this kind of moisture you'd think it would be like paste aswell, but it isn't, it's quite thin so it doesn't take forever to rub it in either.  I can't rave about this moisturiser enough!  Sadly I'm running low on this now (which I guess makes sense since I had it for last winter too), and it's pretty price at £30, and as it's the festive season, I simply can't part with the money any time soon.  But I'm going to savour the little I have left and buy it the next time I have some spare cash!  Also, click here if you want to check ingredients etc.