This is basically what happens after a girl gets a decent wage after living on limited income for 6 months!  Yep I definitely went a bit mental, but don't we all at some point? Thankfully I don't shop like this often!  I started off in Forever 21 as the new big store in Glasgow has just opened - I loved it! Spent so much money in there and could've spent so much more.  I went with particular ideas of what I needed in mind, I wasn't on the lookout for any "going out" clothes, just more everyday kind of things which they had lots of that tickled my fancy.  It seemed like there were some lovely things for getting dressed up too, but as I said it wasn't really what I was after so I didn't have a proper good look for that kind of thing!  Basically I'm just going to get down to it. I also went to GAP, H&M, John Lewis, Primark and Debenhams so there is quite a lot of stuff!  Most of the stuff doesn't have tags on because I've already worn it, so I'm not including prices, but all the shirts were £15-£20 (I bought a lot of shirts).  Also please excuse any substandard photos, but my fever spiked and I almost puked mid-photo taking (flu's are fun! NAAT).

Two gorgeous blouses, which can be dressed up or down
Casual shirts
I bought the V-neck T in Large because I wanted it to be baggy, and the tie waist shirt looks lovely with high waist jeans
I really needed jeans!  Gap Legging Jeans are my favourite fit, but I loved the polka dot F21 ones, which also fit really well. And I bought these wee shoes because they'll go with lots in the good weather.
The F21 dress can be dressed up or down depending on the belt, and if it's worn with heels or not.  I got the ZARA dress from Alessia's Blog sale - it's gorgeous on!
These are always handy to have, and my grey, white, black and navy ones were quite worn so I've updated them! And got a lilac to wear under my many cardigans!  Even in summer, in Scotland it seems silly to me to go anywhere without a cardigan!
My favourite Cardi's - and pretty much the only colour I don't have so I needed it...
Undies from Debenhams.  Sadly I can't buy my bras cheap, although I cheekily got one in the sale!
Liz Earle bits from John Lewis - I'm happy to have cleanse and polish back in my life!
Dior Overcurl and Urban Decay Naked Basics - both of which I love so far!
I also nipped into boots and got V05 Volumising Lotion and Texturising spray for styling my newly cropped hair.  And I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder for everyday powdering.  It hasn't blown me away sadly, but it is better than the Rimmel Stay Matte for me.  I think I need to resign myself to the fact that I need to pay a bit more for a decent powder!

Hope you like what I got! It was a total marathon shopping session, I loved it but definitely couldn't shop like that all of the time!  There are still a few things I want to add to my wardrobe and beauty stash before summer rolls around, but that'll be for my end of April pay, then I'll be good to start saving again!

*Also! I forgot to take photos of two gorgeous Rose Gold necklaces from Forever 21 I got, one is a sweet little bow, and the other is a little more edgy collarish style!