If you follow me on twitter or instagram (or both) you'll have seen that I spent my weekend decorating my room.  In my family, I grew up pretty much on building sites as my dad is a Joiner (carpenter if you're not Scottish) and my mum is an obsessive decorator.  We've moved house about 8 times because my mum got sick of re-decorating the same houses over and over and wanted new projects.  So I've spent 21 years of my life (give or take the baby years) learning all about DIY and a lot about interior design as I went.  I actually almost went to Art School to become an interior designer, but that's a story for another day.  I had my bedroom decorated the way it was for about 4/5 years and was desperate for a change.  You can see what my bedroom was like before here, I done a post in December last year about it.  I felt it was time for a clutter clear out and a more sophisticated version of what I had before, because I still loved the style.  I haven't had to buy a lot of things this time around because it already fitted the style.  I already had my ceiling light, bedside tables and lamps, wardrobe etc. Anyway, that is entirely enough rambling for today.  I'm feeling quite proud of my bedroom this time around, as I done a lot of it all by myself! I painted the ceiling, walls and laid half of my flooring - not too shabby!  Anyway, yes, on to pictures...

My "office" - where I'm currently writing this post

Yes I'm afraid my Harry Potter Collection has expanded beyond my original two shelves

That's about it!  If there's anything you've seen and want to know where it's from just leave a comment, I've been doing a lot better at replying to them all!