I have done the unthinkable.  I've done a post on styling an item of clothing that I'm actually wearing... I must've hit my head and not remember it - although I suppose I wouldn't remember it.  So if we can all take a deep breath and get over the fact I am clearly NOT a model...lets get on!  I bought this dress recently from Miss Guided because I absolutely loved the simple cut and cute pattern.  Is there any other reason to buy clothes other than liking it or needing (use your own definition of need here) it?  Unfortunately the sun has well and truly said goodbye to us Scots, so the need for dresses is pretty much over, but I'll wear a dress year round under a coat anyway so it doesn't matter so much to me!  Weather was sucky - hence not so perfect indoor photographs...

Cardigan - Similar Here / Boots - Similar Here / Socks - Similar Here
 The first look is probably what I feel most comfortable in.  I've had my River Island boots for years, they are properly worn in and super comfy.  I wear them lots in the winter with jeans or trousers tucked in.  I think they look really nice with this dress and definitely make it a 'dressed down' look.  I can't remember where my socks are from, but they tied my comfy  H&M cardigan in really well.  I love this cardigan.  I wear it all of the time!

Jacket (in main photo) - Similar Here / Shirt - Similar Here / Knee High Socks - Similar Here
I feel like I've took tips from Tai from Clueless with this look.  I'm not entirely sure knee high socks are for me, but they work so well with this outfit.  If I was going to do this for myself, I'd probably switch the socks for tights!  My Chelsea boots are from Chockers Shoes, and I love them.  They've been worn to death since I got them last year.  My shirt is something I think everyone needs in their wardrobe.  It's nothing special, but it's fantastic for layering under things (as I've done here).  My jacket is actually a size too big for me now, it looks fine in the photograph (the first main one) because of the way I'm holding it.  I got it a couple of years ago, and I go to wear it all of the time and end up taking it off because it's not sitting right...time for a replacement methinks I can't very well walk around holding it like that...

Earrings - Similar Here / Bag - Similar Here / Shoes - Similar Here
I love this outfit for a night out.  It's not fussy, or over the top which I love.  I'm not big on Jewellery, I wear earrings and that's it.  Rings and most (mainly big statement) necklaces annoy me too much.  I end up fiddling with them and breaking them.  Of course you could make it a little bit more interesting with one or both!  I've had my earrings for years and they're my go to gold statement earrings.  My bag is from River Island, and can be worn with the strap or without.  My mum bought me it for Christmas last year after I complained that my "going out" bags were way too small and my handbags were too big.  My shoes are from ASOS - they are without a doubt the most uncomfortable shoes I own, but they look amazing.  These are not dancing shoes by any means - so I'd give them a miss if that's your plans.