As the Autumn weather rolls in and more of us are boxing away our sandals until next year, dusting off our boots and digging out our cosy socks.  So, you might be a little confused why I'm posting a feet prettyfying post when no one but you is going to see them for a while.  Well, the way I see it Autumn/Winter is probably the most important time of year to give your tootsies some TLC.  Cold weather, and stuffed in uncomfortable sweaty shoes are the worst culprits in rubbish looking feet.  It'll also save you spending your whole summer trying to get your feet to an acceptable sandal wearing standard.  Foot care should be a year round thing, they're what get you from A-B!

Step 1 - Soak 'em
This may seem like an obvious step, but I like to start with the obvious.  If you've soaked your feet it's easier to get rid of rough skin, trim your nails and sort out your cuticules.  You don't need to do any thing fancy, sit on the edge of the bath or with them in a basin of soapy water.

Step 2 - Pumice 'em
I've tried a lot of different foot skin files, but a Pumice stone is what I find works the best for me.  My feet always feel amazing after using this.

Step 3 - Exfoliate 'em
This is one I think people tend to miss. You've already pumiced your feet within an inch of their life, no need for exfoliating right? Wrong.  Exfoliating your entire feet, including the soles just buffs all the little bits away and ensures super extreme softness.

Step 4 - Give 'em a trim
Keeping your nails trimmed and filed will stop you getting things like ingrown (and painful!) nails and sore blistered toes.  It also means they just look a lot nicer.  Nothing makes me feel sick like long toe nails *barf*.

Step 5 - Cuticles!
You do it on your hands, so why not your feet?  Push them pack when they're still soft from your soak.  It makes your nails, and feet in general look neat and tidy.

Step 6 - Buff 'em
See above.  Want your polish to last longer and look professionally done?  Give them a smooth blank surface first.

Step 7 - Paint 'em
Generally this is a free will zone.  I will however say that any time I've seen lime green, mustard yellow or any brownish hues - you look like you have some sort of fungal thing going on.  Not cute.  Feet are gross enough already, eh?

Step 8 - Moisturise 'em
I'd generally recommend a foot specific moisturiser as they're a lot richer and skin on the feet is thicker.  Any rich moisturiser would do though, incase you have any fragrance specifics!

And that is my rather extensive, but simple guide to caring for your feet.  I can be perfectly organised and beautified but the world feels wrong if my feet aren't up to par.  I'd show you mine but I draw the line at putting photos of my feet on the internet.  They're feet.  Enough said.