Candles are a popular subject in the blogger community.  Everyone is always on the search for the most luxurious, fabulously smelling candle on the market.  NEOM, Diptyque and Jo Malone are the popular choices.  I opted for NEOM for my first go in the high end candle market.  There's nowhere to buy these candles where I live, you have to buy them online so this was probably the riskiest choice.  What I do love about the website is that you can take a little quiz and it tells you exactly what candle you need in your life.  Truth be told my result was that I needed Tranquility - the perfect aromatic blend to get you a good nights sleep.  I decided that I'd rather have Sumptuous for my first go.

Sumptuous has Rose and Neroli essential oils, which claim to calm, soothe, lift your mood and calms your mind.  Considering my mind is always running a million miles a minute and I can over-think the littlest things.  It seemed like it would work for me.  It arrived in the post and when I took it out of the box, the scent almost bowled me over.  Most candles you can't smell them unless you've got your nose right up in there when it's not burning.  This impressed me straight away.  Not only that but when I burn this it makes the entire house smell fantastic (albeit I live in a small house).  I would describe this scent as sumptuous; it's decadent and exhilarating.  Truth be told it gives me the same feeling I get when I'm surrounded by designer handbags...

Another positive with NEOM is that because they are organic, you're not getting any of the nasty bits that some cheaper candles have in them.  They don't smoke like crazy or turn anything black which is a massive positive for me.  Just think, you're not breathing all of that junk in, just pure unadulterated essential oils.  I have nothing negative to say about this you could probably already tell!

NEOM Luxury Organics Candles retail for £39.50