Yes.  Another Aesop product review on the blog for you all.  To be honest I feel that when I’m finally ready to share my skin care routine (which for the moment is ever changing) the majority if not all of it will be Aesop products.  I’ve never met a brand that my skin gets on with so well.

If you’ve never read my skincare review posts before, or my skin story “By the time people reach adulthood, they really don’t want to have acne” – then the cliff notes version is that, really bad teenage acne that didn’t go away until some extreme medication - now skin still suffers flare ups and breakouts, however nowhere near as bad and pigmentation scarring is my main issue now.  

Anyway, this face “Masque” has ticked all the boxes for me.  The Aesop mask is considerably gentler on the skin than other blemish masks I’ve used, and love.  So if my skin particularly sore or sensitive this is what I reach for. With ingredients like Chamomile Bud, Tea Tree Leaf and Evening Primrose, it’s no wonder why this it lovely to use.  Evening Primrose has been a miracle worker for in terms of me getting my skin under control, I take supplements everyday along with some others – read more about that here.  When I use this mask I can see and feel an instant result in my skin.  The inflammation of any spots I have is reduced so much, and can be gone within 24hours (depending on the size of the blighter of course).  It doesn’t take long to use either, it’s a fast acting 10 minute mask, meaning if you don’t have a helluva lot of time you can stick this on while you’re busying about the house.  Another joy with using this product is that it smells divine.  Basically you can smell the combination of Chamomile and Tea Tree and it smells fresh and slightly sweet at the same time.