Having such a light skintone makes it pretty difficult for me to find a bronzer that works for me.  I've tried a lot, and I've found they're either far too orange or too muddy.  There are a couple that I like when I've got my fake tan slapped on;  Chanel Soleil De Tan (the orange one when I'm pale) and Benefit Hoola (the muddy one when I'm pale).  My skin don't feel those so much when I'm going au natural. This is where this beauty comes in.  I bought this around 6 weeks ago now and I've not picked up either of my other bronzers in that time.

It comes with a long name in French, so lets just call it the "Dior bronzer" here on out and we'll all know what I'm on about.  It belongs to the Diorskin Nude range that I ever so dearly love.  It's also home to, BB Cream (have it but haven't reviewed that yet), blush that adapts to your own skin, powder, lipsticks etc.  For me it's all the essentials you need to have that natural beauty look in the bag.  The bronzer slots in perfectly to this.  It's available in 7 (used to be 6) shades, so there's scope to find the perfect one for you.  I have 002 Amber, so there's an even paler one.  Subtle is my favourite look at the moment and this is what this is.  It gives that sunkissed warm glow without being all "LOOK AT MY BRONZER".  There's more of an overall effect which I like.  It has a subtle finely milled shimmer through it too which adds the glow effect without giving a shimmery result.  It can be built up, which is why I haven't felt the need to use any other bronzer as in the past 6 weeks I have had some fake tan on.  Slightly pricey as it's from Dior, but through almost every day use I've not even worn the NUDE design away (photo of product is current, so shows use).  This has become a must have for me in my makeup bag!

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Poudre De Soleil retails for £34.00.