I absolutely love reading these types of posts, they're my first picks to read when they're in my Bloglovin' dashboard.  I only just realised that I haven't ever done one.  So I thought it was about time I remedied this.

My bag is the Mulberry Bayswater in Black, an ever so lovely Christmas/Graduation present that I got last year.  Mine still looks like new, I don't go out all that much any way, but when I do I protect this like it's my child.  No sitting on dirty floors, and I'm watchful of scuffing it on walls and things (I'm assuming that's the main points in childcare..?).  Inside I have a handbag organiser from Primark for £3.00!  It's not the most glamorous of things but super handy if you like to switch up your handbags regularly - now it'll take all of 10 seconds to do it.  I only have two handbags I go between at the moment but the organisational lover in me loves this.  Attached to the organiser is a key hook, which I've attached my keys to (would you believe)- so no losing your keys at the bottom of your bag which I'm notorious for.  A few 'ahem' sanitary items sticking out the side pocket.  I always carry them even when I don't need them, just in case a friend does.  I carry two brushes with me, my Denman Small Styling Brush is a "does everything" brush, and I have a Backcombing one from Avon as a backup for when I need a little extra oomph in my hair.  I always carry my sunglasses - these ones are Topshop sunglasses.  A bit optimistic for the time of year, but sometimes there's a really clear freezing day, and as the sun is low in Winter these are a must if you want to see where you're going at all.

Next is my Filofax Domino A5 Organiser, it's love.  Now my whole life is as organised as my handbag.  I have my pretty Ted Baker Purse, it's a soft pink and the lining is pugs wearing bow ties - it is purse perfection personified (say that 5 times faster!).  I've also got my iPad mini that I got for my birthday.  I've started making a habit of taking this with me wherever I go, as it's sometimes better to use than my phone - I need a new cover for it actually.

I have my spectacles for when I want to see things, I need them for distance and increasingly just for everything as my sight is getting worse.  Mine are from the original Gok Wan Collection, but I have since had my eyes tested and am getting new Chanel ones - they're en route as we speak.  So these are being demoted to work glasses instead of everyday.  An umbrella because there's nothing worse than being caught in the rain without one.  My phone, although this spends more time in my hand than in my bag.  I love the Little Brown Case I got for it in New York!  The little grey and green tin came free with a packet of sanitary towels, but I actually use it to keep pain killers in (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Co-codamol as I get migraines out of nowhere).

Finally I carry my little sequined makeup bag, where I keep all of my essentials.  I have a compact mirror; my Travalo which currently has my favourite perfume in, Miss Dior; Soap and Glory Hand Maid Gel; Hand Moisturiser, I'm using this limited edition one from L'Occitane, it smells really fresh so I enjoy using it; Lip Balm; and whichever lipstick I'm wearing that day.  The lipsticks can mount up but when I can't shut it any more I tend to clear it out!  I bought oil blotting sheets to keep in here too, but I can't remember where I put them... hmm I didn't notice until I wrote this.  Oops.  I'm sure I'll find them...

So, what's in your handbag? I'm dying to know (aka read your posts/watch your videos!).