Fake tanning isn't for everyone.  It can be a bit of a faff; it's a pain when you miss a bit and look like a zebra, it stains your sheets and the smell can be less than desirable.  I go through phases of loving being tanned and applying it every few days, but it gets old really fast.  Now that the "1 Hour Tan" has hit it doesn't seem like as much of a problem.  Particularly the stained bed sheet situation.  Put it on for an hour, hop in the shower and you've got that gorgeous glow.
I've tried two different kinds recently and I'm going to tell you a little bit about them...

Ease of Application -
I find the Chloe Sims* tan easier to apply out of the two.  It has a darker guide colour so you can see where you're putting it no problemo.  The Cocoa Brown* one has a bit of a guide colour too but I find it a bit pale and have missed bits before when using it.  The Chloe Sims tan is also a run of the mill mousse type texture, think St. Moriz, so it's really easy to apply and glides on.  The Cocoa Brown tan is a strange one.  It's a mousse too but more of a foamy mousse.  It looks a bit like the mousse you use in your hair truth be told.  It smooths on without a problem, it just takes a bit of getting used to!

Colour -
The Cocoa Brown tan while giving a gorgeous natural looking glow is the more subtle of the two, so something to keep in mind if you love a super dark tan.  If you leave it on for longer than an hour it does continue to darken.  The Chloe Sims tan is pretty damn dark after one hour in true TOWIE style.  So how you like it is up to you.

Smell -
Cocoa Brown wins this round hands down.  It smells lovely when you apply it and when it fades there's no burnt biscuit smell that you often get with tans.  This can definitely be used just before going a night out.  Chloe Sims smells pretty damn bad if I'm being honest.  Not at first right enough, but there is definitely that distinct fake tan smell that it just not attractive.  It does fade eventually and after a couple of showers, but this wouldn't be my tan of choice if it was an "emergency".

Wear -
It's pretty even par with the wear time, both wear off equally well if you look after tan like you're supposed to.  Regular exfoliation and moisturisation keeps the colour smooth and even, fading gradually over the course of a week.  Not bad.

Have you delved in to the 1 Hour Tan world yet?