I've been a little bit absent from the blogging community recently.  I've been so busy with work and basically just relaxing and doing nice things with my mum and friends that I've not had the time to schedule my regular 4 posts a week.  To be honest I've enjoyed the wee break to recharge and get my mojo back.  I'm not sure that I'm going to quite get into the swing of my 4 weekly posts again right away but I'll do my best when I've got a bit of time off!  I mean I've still not got round to my 2013 favourites...

Anyway on to what this post is really about - my makeup.  I have massively cheated with this as it's not actually my makeup today, I've just had these photos in the back burner for a bit and I thought I'd share the look as I really like it.

I started with the base, using Revlon Photoready Primer with my YSL Youth Liberator Foundation which is amazing.  I used Bourjois Happy Light under my eyes and Collection Lasting Perfection concealer on my many blemishes.  I finished the skin with a dusting of the Bourjois Java Rice Powder all over - I had a bit of bother trying to get my hands on this but when I did it was so worth it.  I love the finish, it's glowy but not shiny and it diffuses the light of my blemishes making me look more "airbrushed"...always a plus.

For my cheeks I went for a bit of sculptural bronzing.  I first used NYX blush in Taupe for a more natural looking contour shade, then warmed it up with my Dior Nude Bronzer on top.  It's a nice effect for winter skin as it's not too bronzed which I think looks a bit out of place in winter.  I dabbed a little of the Bourjois cream blush in Nude Velvet on the apples of my cheeks to finish.

On to eyes and brows!  For my brows it was quick and simple with my Hourglass Brow Arch in Soft Brunette, it really deserves it's own post so I'll get round to that at some point.  On the lids I used MAC Honey Lust and All That Glitters mixed - not really sure why but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  I lined my top lash line with MAC Coffee Eye pencil, my favouritest brown liner ever.  I was watching Charlotte Tilbury videos the night before on youtube, and I was so struck at her skill with a pencil liner.  Normally I smudge a pencil liner because it looks like I applied it with my feet anyway but I gave a neat line a good go and quite liked the result.  I also remembered that I really like wearing eyeliner and must stop being so lazy with it.

On the lips I used my Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in Nude Shimmer.  My lips have been so dry lately but it's so comfortable and moisturising.  I could really do with more colours!  Although if you seen my makeup collection you'd probably tell me I don't need anything else for the rest of ever.