Every season I get so excited about what Chanel has to offer.  They always bring out an amazing palette which I usually try to get my hands on (I did miss out on the 2014 Christmas Palette though *sob*).  This time it's a super beautiful blush, embossed with flowers - Jardin De Chanel, Blush Camelia Rose.  It has two shades of pink in it, which if you use a small enough brush can be used separately, or swirled together.  I was afraid to use this when I first got it because I didn't want the embossing to disappear but I got over it - I can't not use this beautiful product!  It's quite subtle as is most of the Chanel makeup.  It suits my skin tone because I'm so pale, but it could look ashy on dark skintones - and I'm not sure how it would fair on olive skin tones.  Chanel makeup isn't particularly versatile in terms of skin tone - but there are other brands for that I suppose.

I also bought a lipstick,  there are two shades available in most of the types of lip products an Orange and a deeper Raspberry shade.  I went for the Rouge Allure Velvet in 50 La Romanesque.  I have a couple of orange toned lipsticks in my collection, but La Romanesque is like nothing else I have.  It's beautiful and works well with the blush.  The formula is incredibly comfortable to wear for a matte lipstick.  When wearing it for a few hours my lips do get a bit dry but the coverage and wear is brilliant, it doesn't wear unevenly or flake off.  It's pretty vibrant so when it does wear down after a couple of hours theres still a good stain of colour left, and it reapplies well over the top.

The blush is £36.00 - not bad for such a gorgeous limited palette and the lipstick is £26.00, pretty standard for a high end lipstick these days.