[Top row L-R: Chilli Beef Ramen 7pp; Cauliflower Pizza: 6pp; Spiced Banana Pancakes with Honey 7pp; Sesame Chicken with Brown Rice 10pp. 
Bottom Row L-R: Vegetable Curry 7pp; Pancakes with Honey 6pp; Macaroni & Cauliflower Cheese 9pp; Spring Lamb Stew 9pp]

A couple of years ago now, I started weight watchers and lost a good bit of weight.  I wrote about my past weight struggles here if you want the deets.  I haven't followed any kind of healthy eating plan since and weight has slowly crept back on - I'm not back to what I was before I tried to lose weight the last time, but I know that if I kept going the way I was it wouldn't be too long before I was.  The general chat of a healthy lifestyle is the 80/20.  80% healthy and 20% treats, but I feel like I had that backwards.  I tried for around 6months just to change my ways and eat better, exercise more but it wasn't working for me, I would lose a few pounds here and there and then put it back on on my "cheat days".  Weight watchers has always worked better for me, because you can have treats within reason.  Chocolate is like crack to me.  If I go cold turkey, a few days in I cave and buy a HUGE bar and go to town.  Being able to allow myself a little bit each day, along with the healthy meals I've been eating has been great and the counting really works for me - it sort of fits into my OCD love of organisation.  I've got a bit more excited about cooking again and have bought some Weight Watchers cook books to keep me busy in the kitchen.

I've got off to a pretty good start this time around, and am feeling really motivated (with help from my mum who is doing it too, and my boyfriend who is really encouraging).  I hurt my back in a car accident in January so I'm still not ready to exercise yet (I hurt my back yesterday changing my bed covers!) but I'm looking forward to when I can.  I love metafit, it's over in half an hour and you can feel how hard you've worked.  So I'm just concentrating on my diet right now.  I've been sharing a lot of the recipes on instagram; pictured above and I thought I'd start sharing them on here.  It's been a really long time since I've blogged about food but I'm looking forward to again.  If there's anything in particular you'd like to see the recipe for - leave a comment below, or give me a wee comment on instagram under any food I've shared.  Instagram is linked in the sidebar or alternatively you can search for rebekahdunn92.