Hi Lovelies!

For ages now I've been dying to get my hands on some NYX products. But as most of you may know, you can't pick them up in any shops in the UK.

So I looked into getting some and thought I'd either have to get some on eBay (with not always reputable sellers) or amazon (where I've had trouble in the past with shoddy sellers - cut to me trying to buy Beauty and The Beast on DVD, and being sent a VHS video...which I already had). They also wouldn't take it back even though they'd false advertised, so I wasn't pleased!

Anyway that was completely off topic, but you get what I'm talking about! I was however very happy to discover that they have a UK based website, and that's where I ordered them from. I bought three things, two of which I'd been dying to try and he third I just liked it at the time!

Firstly I chose the mega shine gloss in Plush Red. I absolutely love this colour and the pay off is incredible considering it's a gloss. I was looking for an easy to wear rich red to wear in the autumn and winter months and I have found it in this product - be prepared to see several looks on my blog featuring it!

Mega Shine Lipgloss - Plush Red £7.00

I got another gloss in the shade Beautiful, and this was my spur of he moment choice, as I'd planned on buying more than one colour I just didn't know which one to pick. Beautiful really is...beautiful (god that was awful and cheesy!), it's a pale pink with gold glitter and it looks amazing on the lips. In the tube the glitter flakes look quite large, but they aren't overwhelming once the gloss is on. Definitely going to be a staple day lip for me, and probably night too if I'm wearing a strong eye.
Mega Shine Lipgloss - Beautiful £7.00

The third and final product I purchased is the jumbo eye pencil in Yoghurt. I loved this and wanted to try it because it is the loveliest rose gold/champagne colour (I'm starting to feel like all the pink/rose gold stuff on my blog is starting to get a bit repetitive, so sorry if you're bored with it! I can't help it it's do pretty and girly!). I'm looking forward to using this one!
Jumbo Eye Pencil - £4.50