Recently, the blogger community has been giving a lot of love for this palette.  Well at least my favourite bloggers have!  So low and behold, I ended up with it.  I have no self restraint.  On this occasion, I'm rather happy I don't have any self restraint.  The Clarins Eyeshadow palette is a beauty.  The colours are gorgeous.  There's a decent mix of light and dark (the two lightest pretty much blend right in to my natural skin tone); and warm and cool toned.  I feel like this is a grown up Naked Palette.  It's more subtle and understated and not so "blingy".  It suits my style more.  So much so I ended up giving my sister my Naked Palette.  They have a lovely soft texture and are really easy to blend so it's really hard to mess up with these, like all of the Clarins eyeshadows.
I'm not really a fan of the brush that it comes with.  I prefer a big fluffy brush and it's more of a detailer brush.  I use it to add definition at the lash line with one of the darker colours.  Keep an eye out on the blog on Sundays when I'll use this in upcoming 'My Makeup Today' posts.  Unfortunately this palette is limited edition but may still be available at some counters.  If not I hope Clarins get their act together and get this in their permanent line!

The Clarins Eyeshadow Palette retails for £35 so a real bargain in terms of the price of individual Clarins Eyeshadows and the quads!