Usually a nude coloured eyeliner pencil is to make your eyes look bigger but, I already have quite big eyes, so I use mine to make them look brighter.  The waterline of my eye is quite red and using a white eyeliner was always too obvious and fake looking, so I looked for ages to try and find a nude.  I knew that MAC did one and Laura Mercier did, but I found it impossible to get my hands on them, they weren't online, and I couldn't find them at counters either.  Then I found this Chanel one!


I'd never used a Chanel eyeliner before but when I swatched this I was pleasantly surprised.  It's super soft, because it's a Khol liner, so it's suitable for using in the waterline.  It's quite long too, so I think it'll last a really long time.  I've had it for about 4-5 months and I've only had to sharpen it twice.  It comes with a sharpener when you buy it too so that's a bonus for the price tag!  One of my favourite things about it is that the cap is metal, so it wont crack or break in any way, so the liner will always be protected, no matter how long you have it.  I've found with cheaper liners and cheaper eyeliner lids, that the have broken really easily after a few weeks of having them in your makeup bag, or accidently dropping them or standing on them - but this will never do that.

The colour is quite peach toned, so it works well for hiding dark and tired eyes, which is what I like to use it for.  If I'm tired I tend to use it to brighten and make myself look more awake - and it works so well.  Although, to be used as a corrector, it would have to be used on Fair-Medium skin tones - and I'm not sure a pale flesh tone is one you would use if you can a darker skin tone anyway.  But I would highly recommend this if you are Fair-Medium as a corrector.