[L-R: Rosegold, Moonlight, Copper, Amethyst, Khaki, Cocoa]
After trying my hand at the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleons, I knew that I wanted to try some other stick shadows.  I browsed the makeup counters and just struggled to decide where to start.  Luckily before Christmas last year Laura Mercier brought out a lovely little set with miniature versions of the Caviar Stick Eye Colours.  I jumped at the chance to try them because on top of struggling to pick a brand, I had no idea what colours I'd like to get.  This gave me a chance to give six shades a go for only £11 dearer that what one full sized product would cost.

The formula is lovely, really smooth and creamy.  You get an even application of product and it's easy to blend the edges with your fingertips or a brush.  You have to work quickly with these as they set and do not budge at all.  I tend to apply to one eye and blend and then do the next eye.  You need a good eye makeup remover or a good cleanser to get rid of every bit - always good to know if you like long lasting eye products like me.  I've got most use out of Rosegold, Moonlight, Copper and Amethyst so far; but that's because they go beautiful with a bold lip, which I've mostly been wearing during the winter.  Khaki and Cocoa are more night out colours for me.  I can't fault these at all, I hope that they come out with another set for Christmas this year so other people have the chance to get the set - but if not they can be bought in full size individually for £22.00.