While I have a swatch page with most of my MAC lipsticks on it, I've never actually written a post about them.  To be honest, I think that they're overrated for a high end lipstick having tried a lot more high end brands - BUT one thing can be sure, MAC has the biggest selection of shades, and if you're looking for something quite specific you're sure to find it.  When I first started to buy MAC lipsticks they were £10 a pop, which I thought was great - however over time with inflation they've gone up to £15.50, and I'm not entirely convinced that they're work that much.  Nothing about them has changed, which I don't think justifies the price tag - it's not like other brands that reformulate and then the price changes; that I'm more okay with because generally they're improving the quality.  I find them to be of the same quality as some of what you can buy on the highstreet but what will always be the winner for them is the shade selection.  I still use my MAC lipsticks regularly despite having a total of 45 lipsticks - of those 45, 13 are from MAC.  Generally I gravitate towards neutrals so I have more of them, but there are a couple of bolds that I like from MAC. Over time I've given some of my MAC lipsticks away that I just didn't feel suited me, so I have had more than that - and any old shades can be seen on my swatch page here.

Plink! - Lustre | Creme Cup - Cremesheen | Shy Girl - Cremesheen | Pure Zen - Cremesheen | Patisserie - Lustre

Cosmo - Amplified | Mehr - Matte | Lustering - Lustre | Plumful - Lustre

Creme In Your Coffee - Cremesheen | Retro - Satin | Rebel - Satin | Mac Red - Satin

The only MAC lipstick I don't have that I love is MAC Lady Danger.  It's my favourite Orangey Red, and I used to borrow my sisters all the time, I have some things to take to back to MAC and I plan on using them to get it!