Mae Movement Bracelets

Friday, 29 June 2012

Hey lovelies!

About 4 months ago I seen the most beautiful bracelets worn by a few of the girls I watch on YouTube. When I went to check them out for myself I was so surprised to see all of the beautiful colours that were available.

Mae Movement is run by a mother and daughter duo and they sell these bracelets on behalf of women in Nepal, as a way to improve and benefit their lives.  So it's almost a donation really which kind of makes you feel less guilty about buying something for yourself! You can read more about them here.

I ordered three matching bracelets but I'm sure that you can select any colours you like.  I chose Rose Gold because I'm absolutely obsessed with it! Definitely my favourite, although I love so many of the colours that they do.

They also ship international so you'll get them anywhere, but since they come from America they do take quite a while to get to you, and also, Rose Gold was on back order so I had to wait a bit longer but it was totally and completely worth it.  They're beautiful!  My mum even bought me a rose gold watch to wear with them until I get my Michael Kors one for my 21st!

3 Mae Movement Bracelets - $35.00

So please, please check these out if you can, I highly recommend them for adding something unique to your jewellery collection - because you can't just buy them from the highstreet! This is the website here Mae Movement.

Love Rebekah

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Monday, 25 June 2012

Hi Lovelies!

This post is on a product I've had for a long time, and haven't used much considering how long I've had it.  The soap and glory kick ass concealer was certainly raved about - apparently a miracle product for all your concealing needs, and affordable too, considering it's a 3 in 1 product!  I can't say I agree.


Essie Fiji

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hey Lovelies!

Just a quick post on my newest nail polish purchase. I have been crazy busy on nightshifts and my body clock is all over the place so I've not been updating my blog as much as I'd like so sorry for that guys!

Anyway, this is my first ever Essie nail polish because it's just came out in boots. I think before you had to order it online. I've been loving light, neutral and classic nail colours recently and this one just captured my attention right away. It's the most gorgeous pale pink and with two coats it's completely opaque. Most brands 'pale' pinks are usually still quite bright or candy coloured, or they're see-through to be used as a French manicure base. So I love this colours individuality in that sense.

Essie Fiji - £7.99

I can't wait to buy more colours! Any recommendations for your favourite Essie nail polishes?


Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Lip Stain

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hello Lovelies!

Not too long ago YSL launched their Glossy Lip Stains, and I had been dying to try some out.

I was pretty lucky that when I went to buy them there was a deal on that it was £10 off all YSL lip products. So instead of paying £22.50 for one I paid £25.00 for two which is totally amazing!

OOTN - Friends 21st Birthday Series - 1

Hey Lovelies!

Just a quick little post about the outfit and makeup I wore out for my friends 21st. I decided to make it a little series as a lot of my friends are turning 21 this year and there's a couple more in the next couple of weeks.

Dress - H&M £12.99
Rose Gold Belt - H&M £6.99
Shoes - Primark - don't remember how much it was ages ago I got them!

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hello lovelies!

I have a confession, I'm really really pale.  As in, I could probably give Snow White a run for her money!  So usually I always have some form of fake tan on, which normally is to just make me a healthier colour. I don't do the whole tanned within an inch of my life/orange very obvious fake tan, although I have had my unlucky moments in the past where I have gone a bit overboard.  Haven't we all?

Anyway, I had heard a lot of good things about xen-tan in the beauty blogging stratosphere, so I decided to do a bit of my own research.  I hopped over to their website and got down to some reading.

One of the first things I read was that the tan has OLIVE undertones, which is absolutely brilliant as it's pretty impossible to look orange.  With olive undertones there is a richness to it, that could be a genuine tan.  The fault of a lot of other tans is that they are bronze based, which is basically the same as if you use too much bronzer - you will look orange.  So that was a positive right away.

£29.00 from House of Fraser

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hey Guys!

Over the last little while I've been building up my makeup brushes, because I never really had any!  And having looked at all the high-end brushes, I was a bit reluctant to pay £30-£40 for one brush - especially because before that I mostly used my fingers!!  But, I had been watching some of the Pixiwoo videos on youtube (if you've never seen them I highly recommend their tutorials) and seen them always using the real techniques brushes, which I'd seen many many times in Boots.  And then I realised that Sam was the one who designed the brushes and that made me even more excited about them.

The first set I bought was the Starter set, which is all your basic necessities for eyes.  They've been amazing! I don't know how I done my makeup before I had them.  The base shadow brush is a dupe for MAC 217 but you can get all of these for about the same price.  The eyeliner brush is a little too thick for me, but that's just because I don't suit anything more than a barely there line.  Although I do use it if I'm just using a darker eyeshadow in my lash line because it's a little more blended out looking.

(L-R) Deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush & brow brush
Set - £21.99

Chanel Le Vernis - Spring 2012 Collection

Hey Guys!

I have collected all three of the Chanel Spring collection nail varnishes, which at first was unintentional but they are some of my favourite colours of nail varnishes I have.  The collection has three different shades, named after the months of spring April, May and June.

New Blog!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Hey guys!

I have created this new blog and will be posting here from now on.  I am in the process of moving my old posts from the other blog over so this one isn't empty, plus it'll give me extra time to get more products etc and try them out before I blog about them :)

happy reading and please subscribe if you like what you read

Rebekah xx