Hey Guys!

Over the last little while I've been building up my makeup brushes, because I never really had any!  And having looked at all the high-end brushes, I was a bit reluctant to pay £30-£40 for one brush - especially because before that I mostly used my fingers!!  But, I had been watching some of the Pixiwoo videos on youtube (if you've never seen them I highly recommend their tutorials) and seen them always using the real techniques brushes, which I'd seen many many times in Boots.  And then I realised that Sam was the one who designed the brushes and that made me even more excited about them.

The first set I bought was the Starter set, which is all your basic necessities for eyes.  They've been amazing! I don't know how I done my makeup before I had them.  The base shadow brush is a dupe for MAC 217 but you can get all of these for about the same price.  The eyeliner brush is a little too thick for me, but that's just because I don't suit anything more than a barely there line.  Although I do use it if I'm just using a darker eyeshadow in my lash line because it's a little more blended out looking.

(L-R) Deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush & brow brush
Set - £21.99

At the same time I also bought the stippling brush which is amazing for giving a flawless base with thicker liquid foundations.  It is similar to the MAC 187 duo fibre, but I actually find this better than that one because the bristles are more dense and shorter and you can work the products a lot easier.


After loving these brushes I decided I was going to get them all! So I bought the Core Collection which has a four brushes for the face.  I love the buffing brush for both liquid and powder foundations, it blends them flawlessly!  The contour brush is a favourite too, it's the perfect size for cheek contouring without overloading your face with product.  I don't have a photo of these ones because they're dirty and I can't be bothered washing them just now! But you can see them on the Boots website here.  And they were £21.99.

And my most recent one is the Blush brush.  It's domed so it's great for getting it precise and then with a bit of buffing it blends out so nicely. I use this every day! It cost £9.99 and you can see it here, because it's also covered in makeup just now.

So so far I've spent a total of £65.96 on 11 great quality makeup brushes.  Considering that's like two and a bit MAC brushes that really puts their value into perspective!  I highly recommend these brushes, they are fantastic quality on top of being reasonably priced.  And I haven't heard one truly negative review of them, because there never will be!