Hello Lovelies!

Not too long ago YSL launched their Glossy Lip Stains, and I had been dying to try some out.

I was pretty lucky that when I went to buy them there was a deal on that it was £10 off all YSL lip products. So instead of paying £22.50 for one I paid £25.00 for two which is totally amazing!

The first colour I got is number 17 which is a gorgeous pale pink. The amazing thing about these lip stains is that they're buildable. So wearing one coat of this colour gives a soft petal pink tint to the lip which is classic and natural. But if built to three layers it's identical to the colour that shows in the tube. Which in this colour I think looks like a slightly more wearable version of the MAC lipstick Saint Germain which I love, but it doesn't quite suit me.

The second colour I got is number 6 which is a gorgeous orange colour - very on trend for spring/summer 2012.  I love this colour, and I think because you have the option of building the colour.  I wasn't so sure about the whole orange lip thing but I've found that even when this is built up it's nothing compared to some orange lip products, which to be quite honest can look a bit intimidating. 

I think these will be great for the summer, when hopefully it's a bit warmer.  It can be a bit of a nightmare with lipsticks because they can melt in your bag, and they don't have as much staying power either.  And as these are long lasting - they can be worn comfortably for around 4 hours while still maintaining that 'glossy' look and feeling, but even after that point the colour is still there.  So if you didn't want to reapply you wouldn't have to, a little slick of lipbalm would sort that right out.

A few months after their launch Maybelline came out with their own version of glossy lipstain if you are looking for something more affordable.  However their colour selection isn't as great as YSL and having never tried them, I don't know what the quality of them is like.  But I'm sure there's a blogger review out there of them somewhere!