Hey Guys!

I have collected all three of the Chanel Spring collection nail varnishes, which at first was unintentional but they are some of my favourite colours of nail varnishes I have.  The collection has three different shades, named after the months of spring April, May and June.

I bought April first, and I got it aaages ago.  Way back at the end of February actually, because it matched my birthday dress perfectly, so I couldn't not buy it.  It's a sort of red-purple wine colour and it's lovely for a classy nail, with a bit of a break from regular red.

I got May from my friend for my birthday, and it comes with a slightly funny story! I bought April and went into uni to meet her with it and she nearly died because she'd already bought me May and was scared I'd bought the same one, but luckily I hadn't! Anyway, it's a gorgeous sweet and bright pink.

Then, as I had two of the collection, I couldn't not buy June! It's my favourite of the three, as I think it's the most unusual colour and with the other two it would probably be pretty easy to find similar shades.  It's a pastel orange, but it's not chalky, which I like as most pastel oranges are.  It definitely sets you up for summer as it's gorgeous and fruity looking when it's on!

These are the first Chanel nail varnishes I've owned and I know they can be a bit off putting because they're so expensive at £17.00 a pop.  However, I think if you're looking for a high end nail varnish for an important occasion, a gift or just to treat yourself you can't go wrong with these.  They are long-wearing - within reason! And if you look after them a little bit they will last about 5-6 days without chipping, and that's with no top coat.  But I did wear May on my toes for an entire 6 week placement where I was on my feet all day most days and it only grew out! No chips :) so I think they are worth it!  Go on treat yourself ;)