Hi Lovelies!

This post is on a product I've had for a long time, and haven't used much considering how long I've had it.  The soap and glory kick ass concealer was certainly raved about - apparently a miracle product for all your concealing needs, and affordable too, considering it's a 3 in 1 product!  I can't say I agree.


I think that this concealer would be perfect for dry skin types as it's so creamy and smooth, and even blends well.  But due to the formula it slides off of my oily skin, and no amount of powder will make it stay.  And as for the powder that comes with it - well that is completely useless.  I'm guessing it's supposed to be transparent so that it can be used for setting, but it isn't.  I have the medium coloured concealer (it comes in light medium and dark) and that's fine, and the lighter of the two colours can be used under the eyes and the darker one on blemishes (which works for about 10 minutes); but once you try to set it with the compact powder, suddenly you've got white patches all over your face.  Or well you do if you're me because I have quite a lot of pigmentation scarring and usually a couple of spots too.
Setting Powder

I set myself the challenge of finishing as much of my face products as possible because I want to treat myself to a Chanel foundation, but I'm not letting myself until I finish everything else.  To be honest though I don't think I'll last much longer with this because it really just doesn't work very well for me.  I've used more of the lighter colour because it sits okay under my eyes, but everywhere else is pretty rubbish.

The well used concealer! (it is actually kind of gross looking sorry lol)

So this is a no for my oily skinned lovelies, but a possible yes for my dry skinned lovelies!