Hello Lovelies!

A bit of a different post today!  I thought it was about time I talked about my obsession with candles!  Specifically yankee candles, because I find that they have the best smell pay off - with a lot of cheaper candles not smelling like anything at all!

My latest purchase was the Strawberry Buttercream large 2 wick tumbler.  Normally this would be £19.15 but I got it for £13.50 in a sale!  Which if you know yankee candles that's a steal for a candle that size.

I love this one, and having gone through, two large Fluffy Towels, a large Pink Sands, a large Beach flowers and a medium pink dragonfruit (all housewarmer jars) it's safe to say that I get my good use out of these candles.  And this isn't usually a type of fragrance I would personally go for.  When it comes to candles I'm big on fresh smells and just making my bedroom smell beautiful and clean. But, I was completely drawn to this sweet creamy smell.

I've burned about halfway already, which is quite good for me as I've had it for about 3 weeks and I burn it a lot.  I love the feeling this gives me.  It's so rich and yummy smelling and it completely relaxes me.  And like most candles, the smell is definitely slightly more subtle while it's burning, which with this particular smell I find is a good thing.  I think it would get a little bit sickly if it was any stronger.  Which is why I have never previously bought any vanilla scents as I find them too strong.

Are you a lover of candles? any favourite scents?