Hello Lovelies!

Sleep rollers have been the talk of the blogger town for a while now, but I though I'd give a little post on my experience with them.  I purchased the boots one, as at the time these were most easily accessible to me.  I bought the red ones which are the large ones, they also have blue medium ones but I felt that they wouldn't give me the look I wanted.

What appealed to me when buying these was the whole "effortless" hair thing, because as much as I can spend ages doing my makeup, I get pretty bored doing my hair sometimes!  When putting them in my hair I run my straighteners through each section so that it sets a little easier once it cools.  And so that they don't come loose I give them a little wiggle so the velcro can attach to the roots of my hair.
Rollers just put in before bed (and no makeup eek!)


They are £4.99 for one pack which contains 6 rollers. I bought two packs so I have 12 and that's been enough for my hair - but it is quite thin, so you may need more than that.  They give me gorgeous loose waves, which I love, but my favourite part is the volume at the roots I get from them.  There are of course pros and cons.  I love that I don't have to do anything to my hair in the morning other than removing the rollers; but it can be quite difficult to fall asleep as they aren't totally comfortable, but once I'm asleep I don't wake through the night from them.