Hello Lovelies!

A couple of Mondays ago (13/08) I was I my bed all day, endeavouring to get a sleep as I was about to start my first of my final 3 night shifts of my final placement...not entirely sure that makes sense, but moving on...

My Mum and my sister went into Glasgow for the day and they picked me up a couple of pieces of jewellery (and brought me home a peach iced tea from Costa, yum!). And no surprises here...they were both rose gold! (and snore! I'm talking about rose gold AGAIN).

Firstly they were in Debenhams and went to the little Topshop section there and found this necklace. It's a two chain necklace that has two different lengths and each chain has a cross on it. I'm not religious at all, nor am I anti-religion, so if I'm wearing cross jewellery it's generally just because I think it looks nice; and as that's generally the purpose of these kinds of pieces from fashion shops. I love it and I can't wait to wear it - I think it will look super edgy - or rather edgy for me as I'm usually all frills and bows and pink things.

The second piece is from a free standing Topshop (my sister was looking for something) and it's also pretty edgy go me. And hurrah it's rose gold again! It's a tight fitting rose gold spike bracelet. You can get it in other metals too, so it would maybe be nice to get more than one and layer them together. I like this because it's not usually something I would go for myself but it actually goes very well with my watch and Mae Movement bracelets.

Lastly my mum was in our high street browsing the only shop that's not a pound shop or card shop, aka New Look, and she picked me up this statement ring. I love it! I'm not really into wearing big rings for during the day as I usually find they get in my way but I may just disregard that I can wear it more than just on nights out.