This started out as a cumulative haul of all of the clothes I have bought over the last two and a half months which is basically full of clothes I'm going to wear over the Autumn/Winter period.  But, because I've left it so long there was just too many things to put in one post.  I lost a bit of weight since last year so there isn't really anything that fits me that I had already so I've basically had to go for a whole new 'capsule' wardrobe, with things that can be worn together, or with things I already have.  I decided to start with the jumpers I got, because I love them!

Multi-Coloured Jumper - Topshop - £40.00
This jumper is oversized and is nice with a pair of leggings (as it covers my bum!).  I used this jumper in my Passion For Fashion entry, and I loved it so much I just had to have it!

Navy Blue and Cream Jumper - Matalan - £18.00
I love this jumper! It reminds me of an old Christmassy jumper, and it looks really nice with skinny jeans.

Cream Loose Knit Jumper - Primark - £12.00
It's quite see through so this is lovely layered over bright colours. I have a photo of me wearing it over a red dress on my instagram (which is linked in the sidebar).

Dark Beige Glitter Jumper - H&M - £14.99 (comes in lots of nice colours!)
This is nice over all of the shirts I bought for the summer (I have a mint green, pale pink flower patterned one and a coral one) for a preppy sort of look.

It's already been cold in Scotland for a few weeks so I've been wearing these a lot already.  Jumpers are my favourite clothing item this season, I'm not really sure why, I think they just make me feel a bit nostalgic to when I would wear them when I was little (although they weren't nearly as nice as these and there are rather embarrassing photos!).  There's so many lovely ones out just now (I'm looking at you H&M, because they're nice and reasonably priced!), I could go mental and buy loads, but I wont, because they might not be in fashion next season - and buying too many would be a waste of money!