I've had this colour for a while,  and sadly I'll admit I have barely used it.  I think because I have so many MAC eyeshadows, and other eyeshadows, a lot of my really gorgeous colours don't get used enough.  I definitely know I don't use this enough, because it's beautiful and barely touched!

Photograph taken with flash to show irridescent green more 
Pro-Palette Refill - £10.00

Club is a gorgeous deep brown colour with green pearl which gives it an irridescent quality.  This works really well with green eyeshadows and that's what I tend to use it for - which is probably why I don't use it more.  I don't wear green eyeshadow very often, but it suits my hazel eyes pretty well, so I probably should!
This works well on it's own or with other neutral brown tones for a smokey eye too.
Without Flash

With Flash

It's going to be a goal for me to use this more.  Now I've done a post on it, it's reminded me how much I like it and why I bought it.  I think I'll wear it more with neutrals, even though I like to wear green eyeshadow, it's more of a going out/evening look for me.