I found this in Superdrug last week while I was looking for a new lip balm.  I stumbled across this Nivea Lip Butter, and I have to say, I've honestly never seen them before! It comes in three scents - Original, Raspberry Rose and Caramel Cream.  I didn't smell the 'original' one because I quite like scented lip balms.  Raspberry Rose is gorgeous and sweetly fruity, but I was drawn to the Caramel Cream one because it smells exactly like Butterkist toffee popcorn.  It's amazing, I just sit and smell it.

I expected it to have a similar effect to Vaseline, I'm not sure why, probably because it comes in a tin too, but thankfully it isn't!  Vaseline is basically pure petroleum and it doesn't hydrate, it just creates a false silky layer on the lips and your lips then become dependent on it.  The Nivea lip butters don't have any petroleum in them so they don't have this problem.  In using this I have honestly noticed a huge difference in the softness of my lips.  I had been neglecting them a bit, especially because lip balms isn't something I'm into a lot, but this has definitely changed my mind!  I think I'm going to pick up Raspberry Rose too the next time I'm shopping, because it would be nice to have more than one scent, and I honestly really like using it.