I wanted to apologise first of all, when my sister and I done the Sister Tag, we said we'd film a Christmas tag video, but it took a really long time for my sister's Christmas jumper to come, and then she's been working everyday since - so there hasn't been time!  I've been watching a lot of the Winterlicious tags on youtube, and Lily Pebbles from What I Heart Today tagged anyone that wanted to do it.  I'm having a pamper day today, so I didn't want to film it but I thought I would just type it up in a blog post!

1. Favourite Winter Nail Polish?

Deborah Lippmann - Today Was a Fairytale; China Glaze - Ruby Pumps; Rimmel - Red Carpet; Barry M Limited Ed nail polish

I couldn't pick just one, but as you can see from the photo I LOVE sparkly polishes for winter/Christmas time.  And red too!

2. Favourite Winter Lip Product?

[L-R] Topshop - Wicked; MAC - MAC Red; MAC - Lady Bug; MAC - Retro; MAC - Creme in Your Coffee; MAC - Cosmo

Again I couldn't pick just one, but I've been loving muted, brownish, pinkish, redish colours.  And of course statement berry lips!  All colours are captioned in order :)  I also really like to use my Nivea Lip butter and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream to moisturise.

3. Favourite Winter Scent/Candle?

I absolutely love my Christmas Eve yankee candle.  So much so that I burnt it out way before Christmas eve! But because there's a little bit of wax left in the bottom I've just left it sitting in my room with the lid off so it smelly lovely and Christmassy!  It is honestly the most gorgeous Christmas scent - well that I've ever smelled anyway!

4. Favourite Winter Beverage?

Hot Chocolate! I love it.  With marshmallows and cream, different syrups or "fancy" ones from Costa and Starbucks or even just on it's own.  It's YUM.

5. All time favourite Holiday/Christmas Movie?

That's a really hard question! I'm so rubbish at choosing a favourite movie, because I have favourites for what mood I'm in!  But, I'll always love A Christmas Carol - any of them are amazing, but I love the Disney one especially.  I also really love It's a Wonderful Life, I really really love old movies - they're my favourite.  But, I'm not opposed to watching funny/modern Christmas films that are always on TV around Christmas.  I watched Deck the Halls a few days ago and it was really good, and tonight we're watching the Grinch which I've always really liked.

6. Favourite Christmas Song?

I love Michael Buble - Christmas (baby please come home).  I just love it! I really like All I Want For Christmas is You, but I prefer the Glee one over Mariah Carey - it's more Diva-y which is great!

7. Favourite Holiday Food/Treat?

Roast Potatoes.  Roast potatoes are pretty much my favourite food all of the time, but there's definitely more about at Christmas.  My Grandpas roast potatoes are amazing, he always makes two kinds, ones with sesame seeds and ones cooked in goose fat which are literally the best potatoes known to human kind.  Man, I really like potatoes.

8. Favourite Christmas Decoration this year?

Hmm, that was a tricky one!  But, this year my mum has gone mad over making our living room chair that the cat sleeps on Christmassy.  So it's got Santa, a Reindeer, a Penguin and a Snowman on it, plus a really cute cushion!

9. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

I don't really have something I'm desperate for this year,  I really wanted the Enrapture Totem styler because my tongs before were a bit old and worse for wear, but I got that for my Graduation present in November!  I'm just looking forward to some nice surprises!

10. What are your plans for the holidays this year?

We do the same thing every year really.  Mum and Dad are always awake first, and try to make a song and dance out of making tea to wake me and my sister up - it doesn't work though, I can sleep through someone hoovering in my room.  But when we eventually do wake up (this is still about 7-8am by the way, my Mum's like an excited four year old up at 5am), we all go into the living room, and my Dad makes us all tea (more for my Mum, although it's not like she needs the caffeine), and then we open our presents.  My sister and I usually get a couch each, so we can sit beside the presents and nothing gets mixed around.  And then we give Mum and Dad their presents from us.  Dad gets a bin bag for all the paper all over the room, while my cat runs through it and chews up all the ribbons and bows.  And my Mum starts moving all of our stuff into our rooms while we sit looking/playing with/unpackaging our new stuff.  Dad makes breakfast, which is usually rolls and sausage (good Scottish square sausage, none of that links rubbish!) and we just chill for a few hours, if I got a new DVD, I'm usually watching that!  Then we all get ready and we go to my Granny and Grampas house where the whole family meets for dinner and more gifts.  It's usually total pandemonium, there's us four, my Granny and Grampa (obviously, it's their house), my Aunt Michelle, Uncle John and cousin Lloyd; then My Auntie Suzanne, Uncle Philip and cousins Reece and Josh.  The last two cousins are still quite young so they're so hyper.  We always eat first, the food is always amazing!  Then we tidy up, put the tables away and put all the chairs around.  Then we exchange gifts.  Then all night it's just playing games, and things like that and we go home pretty late.  Then about 3 months later, Mum finds something in her wardrobe that she mean't to give us for Christmas but forgot about!

11. Most worn winter accessory?

There's not one that sticks out more than the other, but I've been wearing hats a lot!

12. Most worn winter piece?

I think that has to be my coat, it's been cold and rainy so a coat is a must!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and all have a wonderful Christmas!